Kudos for Rubel Event Management!


"I just want you to know that I have worked with Amy on several occasions and I have to tell you that she is an amazing person with an attention to detail that surpasses many other event planners that I have worked with in my 30 year career.  I feel that if you do select her to be part of your daughter's Bat Mitzvah planning you will have such a peace of mind which I feel is especially important since we all seem to lead such hectic lives.  With Amy, I can personally say you will be in excellent hands and you will not have to worry about a thing."

—John R. Bowes, Director of Catering, Wilshire Caterers

As a person working more than full time there is no way I would able to plan my son’s bar mitzvah without help. Thank you Amy Rubel and Rubel Event Management for keeping me sane and happy!
Huge thank you to Amy Rubel who had amazing recommendations, kept me on track, and made sure everything was perfect. I never thought I would have someone help me plan, but it was a great decision. My stress level would have been much greater without her, and she was a true pleasure to work with.


"Amy is beyond fantastic, I can't recommend her services enough. As two busy working parents with a Bar Mitzvah boy with very strong opinions, Amy saved the day and my sanity. She is a logistics ninja, operating at least two steps ahead of every detail and everything she does is detailed and confirmed in writing. Despite a limited budget and even more limited time frame, our event was magical and ran flawlessly. If you are a busy working person and think you can get away with not hiring Amy for your event, trust me you will spend more than her fees in stress relief massages, therapy or alcohol!"


I had the first good nights sleep in 6 months the day after we met and hired Amy!
Where would we have been without you? Thank you so much for pulling Isaac’s Bar Mitzvah together. We feel so lucky to have been in such good hands. We will be in touch 5 years from now!

"Thank you so much! We definitely could not have enjoyed our day as much as we did if we hadn't hired you. I kept telling people how glad I was that I had you there. You were KEY!"

I can’t say enough about how awesome Amy was to work with! Every one of our guests came up to tell me how awesome the party was. They asked me how we did it and my answer was: We called Amy. She found all of the vendors and did a fabulous job coordinating their work. My wife and I were able to relax and enjoy the party knowing that everything was taken care of.
I cannot say enough about Amy Rubel, Rubel Event Management. She has gone over and above in helping me remain organized and on task. She’s literally taken the worry out of this process by setting up meetings, researching costs, FINDING THE BEST VALUE, and achieving the vision we have for this major life event. She even organized, numbered and stuffed all of my invitations for me when I had to go out of town. I can’t imagine doing this without her.

"We had our son's Bar Mitzvah this weekend and it was a wonderful experience thanks to Amy's expert planning. We had a Friday night dinner at the synagogue, kiddush on Saturday, and a barbecue dance party at the Woodland in Maplewood on Saturday night. Are you planning a weekend-long extravaganza? Call Amy. Have a venue that provides space and nothing else? Call Amy. She'll assemble a first-rate team of caterers, DJ, decor, and photo booth operators and make sure they work together. At our first meeting she got a sense of what we were looking for. At our second meeting, she brought a binder with all the information we needed about scheduling and deadlines. We got periodic updates to the schedule to make sure we stayed on track. Do you want to be able to relax and spend time with your guests, knowing that everything is being taken care of? Did you call Amy yet? She worked tirelessly at the party from set-up through clean-up. Do you need any more reasons to hire Rubel Event Management for your event?"